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AbiTeq Portfolio:

OxisResearch™ Website

Client: OxisResearch™ Website

Project Specifications:
Website Design & Layout;
HTML Development;
SHTML Coding;
Javascript Coding;
PHP Web Database Access;
MySQL Database;
Graphic Design
Image Optimization;
Site Hosting;
Site Management.

(Now owned by Precipio - see product and "Citations Library" databases in action here)

Description: OxisResearch™ is the oxidative stress research assay manufacturing division of Oxis International Inc. The company wanted to redefine its image on the Internet by re-designing and upgrading their branding and website. After designing their previous site to great success, Oxis approached AbiTeq to develop a new attractive and effective website more appropriate for "Web 2.0".

An online database quickly sorts large amounts of product information and applicable medical research citations for technicians. An eye catching Flash design welcomes visitors and professionally, yet discreetly, displays the key messages on the home page.