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Media Production

Film, Produce and Integrate Video

Client: Carter Pets Interest Video

Project Specifications:

Film video
Edit video
Publish video
Integrate video onto web page with player

Description: Carter Pets, makers of the Ant-Free Outdoor Pet Feeder, asked AbiTeq to film a video of one of their pet cats while playing with a ball to put on their website as a public interest promo.

We filmed "Tia" playing ball at the client's location. The film was then edited into a short, action-packed clip. Titles were added and the film was saved in a compatible video format for YouTube. The video was uploaded to YouTube, and the result was integrated onto a web page for client review.

This example film project uses acceptably low quality production values to keep costs in line to their budget (about $500). AbiTeq can produce more professional videos to fit any budget versus professional quality results that may be required.