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September 12, 2009

AbiTeq Marketing Renews Relationship With Confer & Inform
- AbiTeq's Internet Collaboration Service Extends Relationship

Honolulu, HI, USA - September 12, 2009 - AbiTeq Marketing (AbiTeq LLC), an internet marketing services provider, announced they will continue to develop the phase two infrastructure for the Confer & Inform collaboration web service. AbiTeq's programming team helped founder, George Allen, construct a complex and powerful database framework to improve information sharing and communication among professional colleagues.

Originally started to promote sharing among the scientists of the world, Confer & Inform was meant to improve remote access for fellow researchers by sharing as much information as efficiently and inexpensively as possible via the internet. One goal of Confer & Inform was to encourage sharing among otherwise disconnected experts studying similar subjects anywhere in the world.

For example, a common tradition of scientists when meeting together for seminars is the presentation of 'posters'. Researchers stood next to their easel with large poster composed of text, pictures, and graphs, setup in a room where other scientists would mingle through the rows often with a glass of wine, perusing and critiquing the often younger experts about the technique and results of their study. Mr. Allen knew this tradition would continue as before, but likely other researchers not attending the seminar would benefit from sharing in each of these valuable inquiries.

So AbiTeq LLC, Mr. Allen's marketing firm, enlisted a team of expert programmers to build Confer & Inform for scientists. As the project became more defined, it was clear any professional could benefit from more organized and less expensive information sharing. And the communications tools, including features for mutually sharing and controlling remote computer desktops for phone meetings and presentations, added to the efficiency of working with remote colleagues.

Phase one of Confer & Inform was completed by AbiTeq in spring of 2008. A decision was made to complete phase two before launch into beta. AbiTeq LLC owns the programming and intellectual rights involved. After much deliberation, President George Allen announced the company will continue to develop this service as opposed to selling rights as originally considered. "Our company continues as an internet marketing consulting firm, so this project was a departure. But our expertise is in web programming as well as marketing, so the Confer & Inform collaboration web service continues to be a mutually beneficial fit into our daily activities." remarked Mr. Allen in making the announcement.

Confer & Inform is planned for release in early 2011 as a new type of collaboration strategy for scientists and other professionals to share information with colleagues located anywhere with internet access. Their affiliations and networks do not restrict these voluntary sharing links.

Confer & Inform introduces what AbiTeq calls "personal collaboration", where you invite individual colleagues to access your specific items of information with designated access permissions for each. This collaboration style offers maximum flexibility and control to share information around individual needs rather than being forced to fit into a group's priorities.

Further information on the relationship and project can be found at AbiTeq LLC's corporate website at and the Confer & Inform website at

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