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Website Quality Criteria

Thorough planning, implementation, testing and evaluation procedures using the latest advancements in programming, security, efficiency and promotion.

We stay abreast of advancements in internet technologies so you do not have to.

Designing a web site is simple. Making it dependable, professional, attractive, easily managed, and effective is more involved. AbiTeq provides quality and care in all of our projects.

Take a look at this rather long list of the many criteria used by an independent judge1 evaluating web sites to get an idea of what a professional design firm like AbiTeq can do when developing a website for you.

Quality Criteria for Website Excellence

Level 1

GROUP 1 - Functionality (20%)


001. breadth of browser compatibility
002. minimum & maximum monitor resolutions
003. plain text/HTML alternate entry paths
004. appeal to universal audience - multilingual translations, cultural sensitivity, disability access & services

Speed & Bandwidth Sensitivity

005. overall page sizes & complexity
006. average download times
007. download order & image redraws
008. wait to first reaction/interaction times

HTML Quality

009. clean HTML with no faulty code
010. workability of active x, rollovers, applets, etc.
011. page titles, descriptions, keywords & tags
012. Java & Javascript dependency, image dependency

Navigation & Links

013. navigation functionality & clarity
014. link integrity
015. quality & depth of links provided
016. external Vs internal link ratios for access to core information


017. original artwork, music, intellectual property etc.
018. international copyright laws are correctly observed
019. quotations, images & intellectual property from 3rd parties are appropriately cited
020. legal site content & legal site activities

GROUP 2 - Design (20%)

Graphic Design

021. exceptional artistry
022. elegance & sophistication of core design concepts
023. typography & font styles
024. clever synergies of visual elements

User Friendliness

025. ease of use
026. aids, tools & help resources
027. interface functionality
028. clarity & simplicity

Aesthetics & Beauty

029. visual appeal
030. professional appearance
031. artistic integration
032. color harmonies

Alignment & Layout

033. general layout & use of space
034. complexity & quality of tables
035. effective use of layers
036. use of borders, dividers, rules


037. effectiveness of unified feel
038. congruence of elements
039. audio-visual synchronization
040. consolidation & reinforcement of purpose

GROUP 3 - Content (20%)


041. specific mission or website goals
042. message & its expression
043. usefulness & quality of content, free resources etc.
044. reason to return 

Human Interactivity

045. customer/surfer interaction processes
046. membership & community facilities
047. Email lists, newsletters, newsgroups, chat, BB
048. other value added services provided

Information Process

049. simplification of complex components, use of synopsis & summaries
050. information architecture, primary purpose, construct clarity, chunking, packaging, FAQ's & RFC
051. perceptual clarity, focus of attention, visibility of functions
052. information access - content rating systems, usability, search facility, site map, steps to destination, readability, effectiveness of image maps

Verbal Expression

053. clarity of grammar & use of language
054. articulation of complex concepts
055. spelling, punctuation etc.
056. absence of duplication & repetition

Attention to detail

057. absence of mistakes &/or inaccuracy
058. absence of incongruities
059. absence of dead ends & outdated pages
060. absence of process failures & code crash

GROUP 4 - Originality (20%)

Innovation & Lateral Thinking

061. uniqueness & rarity of offerings
062. commendable insight or utility
063. advanced, unusual, or clever solutions
064. innovation in content worthy of public merit


065. originality of components
066. elegance & sophistication
067. style variation from industry fashions
068. creative use of resources


069. effective use of leading edge technologies - Java, DHTML, active X, advanced coding, XML, CSS, peer to peer
070. compression technologies, RealPlayer, Flash, Beatnik
071. audio & video broadcast, use of streaming media
072. database integration & functionality


073. resonance in memory
074. multi-sensory appeal & impact
075. strength of emotional impression &/or evocative attitude
076. strength of "mindprint"


077. forward thinking
078. advanced solutions
079. leading-edge activities
080. quality of predictive research

GROUP 5 - Professionalism & Effectiveness (20%)

Customer Service & Client Respect

081. ease of contact & responsiveness
082. management of requests & complaints from customers
083. customer testimonials provided
084. refund policy & privacy practices published


085. business ethics, absence of "clever retorts"
086. honesty in advertising & self representations
087. contributions &/or support of worthy public causes
088. free services/tools/facilities provided


089. clarity & potency of message delivery
090. absence of unrequested intrusions (e.g. pop ups)
091. absence of "attention clash"
092. absence of conceptual "dissonance"

Advanced Components

093. WAP & WebTV formats
094. use of interactive maps & other active media
095. active server & dynamically generated pages
096. e-commerce solutions, secure servers or advanced systems/technologies not listed in other categories.

Overall Site Effectiveness

097. professionalism in achieving website goals
098. website traffic & statistics
099. potency of impact
100. prompts to action

Level 2

Significance of websites role & function, citations, awards, site linkages, prominence in Internet community.

Exemplary Innovation - lateral solutions, paradigm busting innovations, leading edge contributions, industry leadership. 

Quality Standards - ISO apply in industry?, certifications, industry endorsements, awards, member of appropriate professional associations, qualifications of staff for service provided.

Site Performance Analysis - traffic patterns through the site, scan flow analysis, data analysis systems, effective use of autoresponders (if appropriate).

Search Engine Visibility - effective use of titles, meta tags, & page content, keyword relevancy, accuracy of summary descriptions, clarity of purpose.

Search Engine Rankings - top positions on principle keywords & phrases, page rankings, adherence to search engine protocol, effectiveness of tag coding.

URL clarity - domain distinctiveness, memorability, competitive positioning, address permanence.

Differentiation & Branding Strategy - strength of logo, label & other psychological, perceptual & emotional "anchors" of brand, marketing strategy, viral marketing, ethical utilization of email, chat & community forums.

Business Analysis (where applicable) - customer data collected, Email lists & Newsletters available, clarity of business process & efficiencies, E Commerce facilities, SSL, price lists, shopping carts, invoices, accuracy of billing, timeliness, order fulfillment, back end database integration, customer relations, marketing & advertising effectiveness.

Server Security Checks (written authorizations required) advanced security analysis - port scans, trojan sweeps, vulnerability profiles, firewall setups, network sniffers, software & application faults, e-mail vulnerabilities, database & human interface weaknesses.

Hosting Efficiency - bandwidth type & availability, uptime, internal network, ISP, global mirrors, cluster servers?

Surfer Votes & Customer Endorsements - site popularity & active consumer support.

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1 Quality Criteria for Website Excellence - World Best Website Awards