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Business & Enterprise Procedures & Systems

AbiTeq offers you a variety of Business & Enterprise Tools to help you find new clients, improve your customer services, organize your data and streamline your operations. Effective procedures and systems make the difference between profit and loss.

We can provide your company with custom programs that exactly reflect your systems, or we can explore off-the-shelf software packages that might fulfill your needs more economically. Or perhaps you need help taking better advantage of existing programs with improved customization and training.

AbiTeq will provide program setup, designing the best format and procedures to match your best methods. We can adapt any system to better match your personnel, simplifying choices where excessive, or adding features important to your group.

Our Business & Enterprise Solutions include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems
    • Chat / Messaging (IM)
    • Discussion Forums
    • Customer inquiry forms
    • Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
    • Training programs - Presentations, interactive, registration, testing
    • Online Meetings / web conference
    • Service Libraries and Downloads
  • Business Software Application Development and Improvement Programs
    • Project Management
    • Time Management
    • Contact Management
    • Scheduling Management
    • Sales Force Automation
    • Billing Process Automation

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