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Banner And Display Advertising

AbiTeq Marketing Skills

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AbiTeq Internet Marketing Banner Advertising Skills

Banner and display advertising expenditures have grown larger than nearly all of the other, traditional forms of advertising like magazine. For good reason, this technique flashes catchy graphics and messages in front of often effectively-targeted, potential customers. Return on marketing investment is not only higher, but also much more predictable and controllable.

Imagine advertising that is at last only paid out when there is little risk of waste. Imagine predicting your ROI and total budget proportional to customers available rather than reached. Imagine the more you invest the more you profit limited only by total customers available, but knowing the ROI is as efficient as possible. The time is now in search advertising.

AbiTeq can develop a strategic plan for you including paid and organic placement options. (Organic would include arranged links with other sites assuming they are willing and related) PPC, Pay Per Click is the traditional ad placement technique provided by search engines where you bid a price that you pay for every click after the ad displays upon your chosen search phrase.

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