AbiTeq Marketing Skills:

Website Link Building

AbiTeq Marketing Skills

Promoting The Use Of Website Links To Your Site To Rank Higher On Search Engines

AbiTeq Internet Marketing Web Link Building Skills

While search engine algorithms are not published, evidence shows Google and other search engines add ranking credibility for any search term in part for the detection of links to your website from sources on the web considered of value to that specific keyword combination. So promoting other sites and people in your field to publish URL links to your website has become a valuable marketing program.

AbiTeq Marketing can help you design a program to target key sites and connections, provide easy-to-use banners ads and ready-to-use search term links, and manage your ongoing link-building campaign. You add the personal contact with site managers and influential industry people to promote link advantage.

Link Building Tips:

  • Use targeted keywords for link text
  • Evaluate competitor's links to research possible target providers
  • Consider educational pages that might be more likely to attract links

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